A Message to Family & Dear Friends

Dear Friend,

The decision to move your loved one into senior housing can be complex and emotional. You probably have lots of questions, and you’re not sure where to begin. Maybe you live across the country and are unable to assist in person.

Whatever your situation, you need to know that your elderly parent or grandparent is well taken care of—from selling their existing home, treating their belongings with care, and ensuring they’re setup safely and comfortably in their new home.

I would like to offer my assistance in making this transition as seamless and stress free as possible. I have a tremendous amount of respect and admiration for our senior citizens. Their tales of war, the Depression, immigration, and the joys of raising their families are an inspiration. I believe in treating each of these remarkable individuals as if they were my own family.

Whether they are relocating across town or across the country, you can count on my 20 years of expertise in the relocation business to help them make a smooth transition. I provide full-service relocation—from helping you and your family select the right housing option to packing, moving, unpacking, and setting up the new home. My team of experts are sensitive to what can be a very emotional time as they assist in downsizing based on space of the new location and then selling or donating items or shipping heirlooms to family members.

To give you additional peace of mind that your loved one and his or her prized possessions are well taken care of, I will personally take a short video of the new residence once everything is unpacked and set up. My job isn’t done until you view this video and approve my services.

Thank you for the opportunity to help your loved one make a transition to senior housing. I look forward to seeing their smiling face when they are comfortably set up in their new location.


Brian Hansen
Brian Hansen Relocation