About Us

Experienced, Caring Senior Moving Professionals

Brian Hansen - Owner

Brian Hansen has a tremendous amount of respect and admiration for seniors. He looks forward to making this challenging transition a seamless process, while treating your loved like family.

After more than 20 years in the relocation business, owner Brian discovered a need for personalized, compassionate services tailored specifically to the unique needs of senior citizens during their transition to senior housing. Today he helps seniors relocate across town or across the country, treating each client as if they were his own family.

Brian takes a great deal of personal pride in helping seniors and their families find the senior housing option that meets their level of care, budget, and location needs. His expertise in the relocation business makes this transition as seamless and stress-free as possible.

Brian’s team of fully licensed and insured professionals works to offer a complete package of senior moving services personalized to meet your exact needs. Their goal is always a smooth transition for your loved one and peace of mind for you.

Careful Moving of Seniors and Their Prized Belongings

Brian Hansen Relocation specializes in the unique needs of transitioning seniors, including careful handling of their delicate heirlooms.

Brian recalls an elderly woman who showed him around her home while discussing the items she needed moved to her new location. She pointed at the china hutch in her kitchen and explained, “When I was a young girl, in Germany, my friends and I would take this china out of the cabinet, pack it in straw crates, and bury it under the ground when we heard planes dropping bombs in our village. After bringing it to the U.S. by boat, I unpacked everything into this hutch. So, I have no doubt you can transport it to my next destination without anything breaking.” Brian’s response: “Yes, ma’am!”

From treating your family as if they were his family, to delicately transporting possessions with care, count on Brian Hansen and his team of experts for a seamless transition to senior housing.